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British actor Gregg Sulkin has landed to role of Wesley Fitz  and we will meet him in Season 3, Episode 9: “The Kahn Game”, after meeting Ezra’s mother in Season 3, Episode 8: “Stolen Kisses”. Gregg recently tweeted about his table read on the PLL set, and people may recognise him from Wizards of Waverly Place in which he played werewolf Mason (Alex Russo’s love interest).

Wesley Fitz is Ezra’s little brother, maybe with a Fitz family member closer to the Liars in age, could Wesley end up being  a love interest for one of the Pretty Little Liars?

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Now that Ezra (Ian Harding) and Aria’s (Lucy Hale) secret relationship has finally been exposed what’s next for the couple?  Ian Harding, who plays Ezra, is as relieved as fans that there’s no more hiding!

What can we expect for Ezra and Aria as the season opens?
Ian Harding: Things have gotten seemingly easier for the time being. Aria and I start having an adult relationship with adult problems as opposed to: are we going to be outed?

How did Ezra and Aria spend their summer vacation?
Ian Harding: That’s a good question! If I am remembering the storyline correctly, she did an internship and they were together at points and had moments of just being able to have a solid relationship without fear of being outed or [me] losing my job — because I lost it anyway! I think they had a good summer break.

Are you two going to be pretty happy this season — or will there be another woman in the picture?
Ian Harding: If we’re happy, that’s boring, so we’re never going to eat popcorn and watch a movie and that’s a scene. But I think that yeah, there’s bound to be something like that that comes up. I think there are going to be complications with other people my life, maybe not necessarily another woman comes in and I meet her in a bathroom, too, or something like that. [Laughs] But there will be other complications, other wrenches in the spokes!

Do you have any interactions with Aria’s parents this season? What’s that like now that you guys are public?
Ian Harding: I have had an interaction with them. Things are really tense, maybe specifically with [Aria’s father] Byron and I. That’s like really tense! But [her mother] Ella (Holly Marie Combs) and I actually have a little situation that happens, which is pretty cool. I’ll leave it at that. She and I have some fun together — no, I will leave it to the audience!

Will things be easier for Ezra and Aria now that A has been caught?
Ian Harding: Who is this person that’s been following you for years apparently? Now she’s locked up in a mental institution — hooray! This is the end of it, right? Naturally, because we’re shooting Season 3, no, it’s not. Things are on interesting ground right now with us.

How has it affected you now that your character doesn’t have to hide the relationship?
Ian Harding: Because the relationship is out, I am now interacting with a lot more actors, like having an actual scene as opposed to just being in my apartment and doing that storyline. I’ve been seeing a lot of the other actors, how about that?!

No more Chinese takeout?
Ian Harding: No more takeout! I also think we were sending a bad message to the kids!

On Pretty Little Liars Season 2, Ezra Fitzrose the occasion and professed his love for Aria Montgomery. Ezria fans worldwide were cheering their hearts out but there were two folks in particular who were none too happy about his romantic announcement…Aria’s parents! Let’s just say things didn’t turn out quite as Ezra had hoped, and Byron and Ella were beyond infuriated that their young daughter was dating her former high school English teacher! However, while Ella eventually (yet reluctantly) came to terms with Aria’s “taboo” romance and Byron already found all possible ways to lash out at poor Ezra, the parental woes are far from over. Brace yourselves, gentle viewers, because Rosewood is about get a very special visitor…in the form of Ezra’s dearest mother, Dianne Fitz!

Melissa: Have any juicy scoop to share about the new season of Pretty Little Liars?
Aria won’t be the only one dealing with parental drama anymore! Viewers will meet Ezra’s mother, Dianne, in season three, who is extremely wealthy and beautiful. Mama Fitz is set to recur throughout the season.


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